Fr. Prahbu

Farewell Letter from Fr. Prabhu Lakra

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Dear St. Robert Parishioners,

I take this opportunity to say thank you and bye to you all for these many years. I was fortunate to experience this community in both places. It is a Catholic community of solid and wonderful faith. God has gifted you in many ways. May God bless you all as you were able to share your love, support, and faith with me – coming from another world. I sincerely thank you and pray for you that God continues to bless you all.

Thank you for all the kind gifts in the past three years. I enjoyed so many good people here. Sorry for my early departure and your other expectations which I was unable to do because o my sickness after some tragedies in the family, but I am recovering. I am sorry that I have to leave Fr. Jonathan early because every day I am unable to function here in the parish because of mental conditions. So I am leaving a month early. I will be going back to India on June 10, 2024. Once again, sorry and thank you for your love, support, and prayers. Thank you to Fr. Jon for sharing his priestly ministry. He is a holy and a great priest. I will miss you all. I am grateful to you all for many things. May God bless you all abundantly.

I will be in India with my handicap brother for a short time, then I will go back to my diocese. If you would like to communicate with me, my information will be:

  • Mailing Address: Bishop’s House, Sisai Road and Post Office Gumla-835207, Jharkhand, India
  • Phone: 06524223228 (landline)

Fr. Prabhu Lakra