Flushing Christian Outreach Center: A Part of Our ParishLoving Jesus and Our NeighborOur $40,000 Campaign to help pay for the new Clothing Center

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
It’s been a while since I have shared with you what’s going on at our FCOC
(Flushing Christian Outreach Center) and how you can be involved
. FCOC is really a part of our St. Robert parish. It is the THE BIG way that we express our love for Jesus (see Mt 25) and our Flushing neighbors in their need. FCOC exists because of St. Robert, and exists to help us carry out our mission of following Jesus and making disciples.

     You may recall that when Fr. Roy was pastor here, he was inspired to work with the
pastors of several of the Christian communities in Flushing to create FCOC to better care for the needy in our Flushing community. While FCOC is set up legally as separate from St. Robert and the other Christian churches in Flushing who are also members, in reality, FCOC exists as a ministry of our parish (and their communities). For more than the first decade, FCOC resided on the corner of McKinley and Elm in the blue house, bought by our Knights of Columbus Council and then donated to St. Robert to be used to house the new FCOC. The largest number of volunteers has always come from St. Robert.
     Before my arrival in 2018, the member churches of FCOC were on the look out for a new location because FCOC had out grown the corner house. FCOC found its new location on Pierson Rd, and soon after I arrived this move was made. Even during the pandemic FCOC has continued to help the needy with food, hygiene and personal items, and clothing. Over
4,0000 people are helped each year!

A New Clothing Center: FCOC Continues to Grow!
     The donations of clothing are so great that FCOC could handle only a fraction of the
clothing donated, and we also saw a need to expand the food area. So we started looking for ways to expand our space. At the end of last year, a spot on the other side of Pierson Rd. was found––the former Montessori School––that seemed ideal for a new Clothing Center on its own. With the agreement of the member churches, a generous supporter purchased the property and is leasing it to FCOC for $1 a year. Now FCOC needs to buy the property. The property and renovations cost $225,000. Our goal is to pay back this supporter. Early this year we started a campaign to raise this $225,000. Currently we have raised $185,000!
     This spring, our Parish Council agreed that our St. Robert parish should
commit to raising $40,000 for this campaign. This was way before $185,000 had be donated. How providential!! We can provide the final funds needed.

     Last year, our parish sold the old FCOC house for just over $80,000. Our parish council
supported a suggestion that we take $5,000 of this toward our $40,000 goal. Our Knights
Council is also discussing a possible matching donation from them.
  My dear brothers and sisters, I want to invite and encourage you to support this special
campaign, FCOC, and the mission of our parish with your prayers and a financial gift.

I also encourage you to pay a visit to our FCOC site(s), get a tour, and ask God how He
wants you to be involved in FCOC. Maybe it’s only with your prayers and financial support;
maybe it’s in volunteering in some way. Maybe it’s in sharing FCOC with others and inviting them to get involved. Maybe it’s all of these things!!!
 Thank you for prayerfully considering how you can help us reach our goal and
continue to lead the way in caring for our neighbors here in Flushing!

Fr. Jonathan