Letter from Fr. Jon (11/9/22)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Well, I woke up today, along with you, to the sad and tragic news of the passing of
Proposal 3 into our state constitution. As our Bishop Boyea put it, we can rightly shed a tear
this morning, but not lose hope.

I too am deeply grateful to all of you who worked so tirelessly and persevered in prayer
over these past coupe of months. Thank you. Your labor will bear great fruit!

In my own prayer this morning I was praying with a book by Fr. Jaques Philipe on
priestly fatherhood, and providentially it included this passage on the power and importance of
using the gift of our faith in all situations:
“There is another aspect of this spirit of faith that I don’t want forget: believing that
everything is in God’s hands. All the circumstances we go through, whatever their cause may
be, good or bad, are in God’s hands, and everything can work toward the good if we love him,
according to Paul’s words (see Rom 8:28). In the end, the spirit of faith is really the principal
quality of Christ’s ministry. It is faith full of humility and gentleness and is a constant path of
conversion, but it doesn’t allow itself to be torn down by anything, by any failure of difficulty.”
Jaques Philippe Priestly Fatherhood, p.91

You and I were made for these times.
Let us continue to place our faith and trust in God, asking for his Spirit and strength.
Come, Holy Spirit, increase our hope in Jesus and strengthen us to continue to Fight
Like Heaven. Help us build a culture of life and our Father’s Kingdom; bring conversion, healing
and justice to our state and land. God be with you and bless you today.

—Fr. Jonathan