Welcome to our St. Robert Bellarmine parish website. I’m glad you stopped by.

I was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Lansing on June 11, 2011.  I served first as the parochial vicar and then as parish administrator at Holy Family (Grand Blanc) in 2015.  Bishop Boyea asked me to become the pastor at St. Mary (Durand) and St. Joseph (Gaines) parishes.  I have served both St. Robert Bellarmine (Flushing) and Good Shepherd (Montrose) parishes as pastor since Nov 15, 2018.

“Brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”

(Phil 4:8)


Every community that has a parish, especially one with a school, should feel very blessed by God.  When I think about what it means to me to have a parish like St. Robert in my community, I get an overwhelming sense of security.  Secure in the fact that I know if I am in need, my needs will be met and not just my spiritual needs. The parish and its parishioners also help those in need with other basic life-sustaining needs such as food, clothing, and shelter.  It is quite literally a lifeline. I like to draw an analogy with the church and a lighthouse.  Think of what a lighthouse does for sailors lost at sea. Seeing that lighthouse gives them assurance that they are no longer lost at sea, but rather, they have found safe harbor.  The Church is that lighthouse.  Not just for those who find themselves hopeless and lost, but also for those who have already discovered Jesus and choose to worship him and accept his free gift of salvation.  St. Robert Bellarmine Parish has been, and with God’s grace, will continue to provide for the needs of this community of which I am grateful to be a part.

Johnnie Torres

From the Thursday night sessions, to meeting the Bishop, to the retreat and the Easter Vigil…being in the RCIA was an overwhelming experience of God’s love! I met so many like-minded people on their own journeys seeking to know Christ, and we helped each other and developed friendships along the way. Every time Amanda and I step into Church, there is someone there we know…it could be a team member, a sponsor or someone who joined with us. The whole parish community has been very welcoming. It has definitely been an incredible, life-changing experience.

Dave Williams

I’m very grateful and proud to be one of the newest members of St. Robert Parish after going through the RCIA last year. The Holy Spirit led me here, guided me through, and I’m confident will continue to show me the way. This journey was filled with countless wonderful moments, but a very special moment was being baptized at the Easter Vigil with my son, Nicholas, standing by and serving at the altar. I was fortunate to meet many incredible people that were on the same path as me, plus enjoyed getting to know the RCIA team that supported us each and every Thursday. A special thanks to Debbie, Fr. Roy, Fr. Paul, Deacon Denny and Deacon Rich—and again, to the whole team—for your spiritual and educational leadership.

Tim Riley