Have you noticed some smiling faces welcoming you into St. Robert Church? 

As of June 23, 2015, Nancy Morgan had pioneered a new parish group called the Welcoming Committee.  In 2016 the committee selected Father Solanus Casey, now the Venerable Solanus Casey, to be our representative for Greeters. 

What better place is there than the house of our Lord to welcome fellow parishioners? This ministry provides an opportunity to meet new people and make others feel welcomed. Your face may be the first one a new person sees who is visiting our church or a parishioner who may have been away for a while and worried about how they will be received back into our church or for even the regulars who may be having a bad day.

If you’re interested in joining this ministry please call Nancy Morgan at 810-487-1705.  Our number of greeters is growing but we could use more volunteers. Our goal is to have Greeters at all doors for every Mass and even funerals. Our hope is to hear from all parishioners, including teenagers and families, to become part of our welcoming efforts.

We would love for you to join our team and help our Catholic family become more acquainted with one another. All that is required is to arrive at Mass 30 minutes early, greet our parishioners with a friendly smile, and provide assistance if needed.  We pray you will consider.”