The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to enhance the process of pastoral planning, develop pastoral programs, improve pastoral services and evaluate the pastoral effectiveness of the various programs at St. Robert Bellarmine. Please feel free to contact anyone on the Pastoral Council with your concerns or questions.

The mission of the Parish Pastoral Council, as a partner in faith, is to plan and co-ordinate for the spiritual and material needs of the Parish through the various ministries, helping the Parish grow in holiness and promoting life in all its richness.

 The Parish Pastoral Council exists to serve our Parish Community. Our aims are clearly defined:

  • To advise and support the work of the Pastor, the shepherd of our Community, by acting as a consultative body in the development of the pastoral, administrative and spiritual life of the Parish. Pastoral life includes aspects of Parish life that require the guidance, care and support of the Parish Pastoral Council.
  • To assist the Parish Team, and the Community it serves, in the work of evangelization, so that people experience the love of God in their lives.
  • To serve as a permanent structure for constructive dialogue between the clergy, and the laity of the Parish, so that all can work in close co-operation as a truly Christian Community.
  • To listen sensitively to the whole Parish ensuring that people feel that their voice is heard, and their thoughts and feelings are reflected in the work of the Parish Pastoral Council.
  • To develop a sense of unity and belonging in our Parish Family, by presenting opportunities for people to contribute and participate.
  • To determine and utilize the abilities of all members of the Parish Community. To serve all organizations, committees and groups in the activities of the Parish.
  • To provide energy, vision and direction, consistent with the aims of the Bishop of Lansing, and the Roman Catholic Church.