The St. Joseph Guild is a new ministry at St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Parish. Our initial goal is to assemble a start-up group(s), begin work on an initial project list, grow the number of projects, and build the volunteer base.

As we gain experience, we would like to develop teams that would provide some of the seasonal services on a regular basis, freeing the maintenance staff to concentrate on the many daily tasks. The long-term view is to see this program expand to include a “Helping Hands” group consisting of St. Robert Bellarmine youth and adults. We desire to help senior citizens in the St. Robert Bellarmine Catholic Parish at minimal or no cost. We also want to help the “Delightful Diggers” to maintain our church properties. Inform us of your availability and talents you wish to use to help.

If you are interested in more information on this ministry, please contact Chairperson Bob Griffis at (810) 397-2102 or click here to email Bob.

This is yet another way to demonstrate God’s love to the St. Robert and Flushing communities.