Fight Like Heaven – 54 Novena

54 Day Novena – Fight Like Heaven
Fight Like Heaven. Vote NO on Proposal 3 this November 8.

You and I have the “happy duty” (to borrow our bishop’s phrase) of defending our most vulnerable brothers and sisters and defending families at the ballot this November 8. You and I have the happy duty of telling others about the horrific evils and dangers in Proposal 3. You and I have the happy duty of witnessing to the truth, knowing that those who are speaking lies and promoting evil have great resources, influence, power in our state and nation. You and I have the happy duty to do this in a way that models how God relates to us in our brokenness: with tenderness, compassion, a willingness to suffer for the good of others and not make them suffer for it, and a courageous, confident, persevering, joyful, uncompromising witness to the truth.

Our Bishop Boyea has called us to fight like heaven with the weapons of God: prayer, fasting and almsgiving (in this case, almsgiving includes action).

Please join thousands of others who are praying our 54 Day Rosary Novena. If you haven’t started, start today! If you have started, keep persevering. Let’s all ask Mary to help us to pray together this 54 Day Rosary Novena. Text FightLikeHeaven to 84576 and get daily reminders and information.

Please join in fasting for the defeat of Proposal 3. Join others in abstaining from eating meat each Friday. Choose something that you can fast from each day: perhaps sweet drinks, or dessert, or snacking, or alcohol, or salad dressing.

Finally, take action. We have a duty to do something in these next weeks before November 8. Help others learn about Proposal 3. Encourage each other and work (and pray and fast) together. Help make the truth known; combat the lies and propaganda being promulgated about this proposal; help win hearts and minds to the truth for the good of the unborn, for the good of mothers and fathers, for the good of families, for the good of our nation.

We have a moral obligation to vote as citizens. We have a moral obligation to vote NO to Proposal 3. There is no gray area when it comes to this proposal. To vote yes to Proposal 3 would be to commit sin, because to vote yes would be to directly support the killing of innocent human life (among many evils in this proposal). In this case, it is clear that to do nothing would be wrong too. In this case, what we should do is clear. Let’s come together in Jesus, and work together in these few short weeks before November 8.

May God bless you and our diocese and our country abundantly this week.

––Fr. Jonathan

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